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Thank you for your interest in NO-OX-ID and SafeGard corrosion preventives and pretreatments. We hope that you found the information interesting and helpful. If you need additional information or have a corrosion problem that was not addressed in our website, please call or e-mail. We welcome your comments, suggestions and questions.
Please send me the following information about the products I have selected below.
Have a Salesperson call regarding the products I have selected below.
SafeGard CC - chrome-free pretreatment for aluminum.
CC-3000 (high performance) CC-3400 & CC-3500 (standard process line)
CC-4100 CC-6100 & CC-7000 (cold applied pretreatment)
CC-3400seal#2 (chrome-free seal)
Sanchem 1000 - Deoxidizer/desmutter for aluminum
Safegard 13062B - conversion coating for iron, steel
NO-OX-ID rust preventives
A A-Special E CM Filler GG-2 6X & XX
NSF Approved lubricants and coatings
A A-Special A-Special WW PWL 600
SafeGard waterbased rust preventatives
H W M-1 D Q-89 E CS
SafeGard 8000sn - pretreament for tinplated steel
Safegard 8000zn - pretreatment for galvanized steel

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