Dielectric Grease & Lubricant

Dielectric Grease available to order directly from Sanchem!

NO-OX-ID "GG-2" is a corrosion resistant coating, a dielectric grease that is often used to protect irregular fittings from galvanic corrosion and as a pipe joint thread compound. Non-oxidizing, moisture resistant highly durable soft wax corrosion material that has a high dielectric strength and prevents cross threading, cracking, or metal pipes from corroding. This cold applied dielectric grease compound pipe coating and anti-seize lubricant is recommended for systems carrying air, steam, gas, ammonia, or water. NO-OX-ID “GG-2” is not a silicone based dielectric grease like many other lubricant compounds of its kind. Silicone can actually cause corrosion to metals instead of preventing it, therefore, we recommend using our dielectric grease compound that is not silicone based.

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The NO-OX-ID GG-2 lubricating compound dielectric advantages are:

  1. Contains no solvents perfect for VOC restricted areas.
  2. Does not contain toxic unsafe coal tars 
  3. Requires no heating kettles – no fire in ditch.
  4. No primer needed apply directly from can.
  5. Requires NO DRY TIME, can be backfilled immediately after coating and wrapping with NO-OX-ID Pipe Wrap. Lower labor costs!
  6. Foolproof – surface preparation is less critical than for mastic, coal tar or most other coatings – chance of failure is nil. 
  7. Can be applied over fittings that have a light oil without hurting performance.
  8. NO-OX-ID GG-2 gives 2 times the coverage of mastics and 3 times the coverage of hot applied coal tars.
  9. Costs of brushes for mastics vs gloves for GG-2 – brushes last 1 or 2 uses then must be replaced, a glove will last 6 months or more – what will be your savings?
  10. Bolts coated with NO-OX-ID can be taken off without torching.
  11. No deteriorating effects on plastic pipe, use on steel tie-ins.

NOOXID Applications

These pictures show just a few examples of the many applications of NO-OX-ID GG-2.

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