Automotive Rustproofing Compound

Sanchem’s Automotive Rustproofing Compound “NO-OX-ID L” is a soft film rust preventive designed for relatively long term protection of both iron and steel. Rust Proof Compound L is a solvent cutback rust preventive that is formulated to penetrate metal surfaces and water displace water. 

Why you should use NO-OX-ID “L”

FEATURES: Excellent long term rust protection – high melting point waxes and the NO-OX-ID rust inhibitor system form a non-hardening, self-healing film to protect against the elements. Good water displacing capabilities ensure that the protective film is also waterproof. The special rust inhibitor ensures maximum protection against corrosive attack from salt, acid fumes and humidity for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Good penetrating characteristics also ensure difficult to reach seams and crevices that receive effective coverage. This product should be used when the maximum degree of protection is desired. 

Minimum surface preparation required – Ability to penetrate existing flaky or heavy rust means that little or no preliminary cleaning of metal surfaces is required before application Minimal cost – Self-sealing properties of the protective film minimize the need for touch-ups when film damage occurs through scratches or brush marks. The cost of this soft film material is generally much less than ordinary paint.

Thinning: NO-OX-ID L can be easily thinned with mineral spirits if you desire a lower viscosity.

Easy clean-up & removal – Soft protective film is readily soluble in petroleum solvent, mineral spirits, or kerosene to enable easy removal as needed.


Easy to Handle: Unskilled labor can easily apply NO-OX-ID “L” rust preventives with brush or spray. No excessive cleaning of the metal is required and application may be made over old rust, paint or rustproof compound. The ma­terial can readily be diluted to any con­sistency for easy application.

Effective Protection: A special rust-inhib­iting ingredient checks rust and guards against its formation on bright new sur­faces.

Easy to Remove: A rag soaked in kerosene and most other solvents will ordinarily remove these compounds. The cost of this protection is much less than ordinary paint.

Long-Lasting: NO-OX-ID Rust preventives have a good, bright appearance and automatically heal over scratches or brush marks. They adhere to metal under severe conditions and can be touched up, if necessary, several months after the original application. They do not harden or chip off after exposure to weather. They penetrate existing flaky or heavy rust and make it easier to remove.

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