Corrosion Protection for Guidewires

What do you do when the steel or galvanized guide wires are starting to corrode? Do you go through the expense of replacing these extremely expensive cables or do you put a coating over the guide wires to prevent further corrosion?

For over 70 years, Sanchem has provided products for corrosion protection for guidewires for the coast guard, telephone towers, radio and television stations. These wires can be found in some of the harshest environments where corrosion protection is highly important, such as salt mines and heavy-duty marine applications. 

Guidewire Corrosion Protection Solutions

Sanchem's NO-OX-ID products can be used in tough environments where many products can't be used, such as:

  • Salt mines and marine
  • High humidity (bayou, freshwater river, and lakes)
  • Acid fumes (steel mills and fertilizer manufacturing)
  • Highly alkaline solutions in chemical manufacturing plants

NO-OX-ID products have been protecting metal in the highly corrosive marine environment such as towers in the pacific ocean, and ocean-going ships for over 100 years!

NO-OX-ID A-Special rust preventive coating is used for long term corrosion protection for steel, aluminum, stainless and galvanized metals. This product offers protection and lubrication for tower guide wires and bridge cables. The high tackiness of NO-OX-ID A-Special provides high resistance to wind and weather.

Rusty guidewires can also be first treated with NO-OX-ID Thixo-Film A to attain maximum penetration. If only application can be used, then utilize NO-OX-ID A-Special WW for increased penetration.

Application Methods

WW is applied to the wire with a rag, and then the leather cone is dragged along the wire (or vice versa) so that the excess is scraped off into the cone, the remainder is well worked into the rope crevices. The amount of material left on the wire can be regulated by adjusting the marlin lashing.

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