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Specialty Water Based Rust Inhibitors & Rust Prevention Transit Coatings

Export shipping transit coatings must not only prevent corrosion from salt spray, but they also have to be able to prevent corrosion from humidity. Until now the only effective rust prevention coatings for transportation were flammable, solvent based coatings that required hazardous solvents to be removed. SafeGard products are the high performance fireproof rust inhibitor coatings that are removed with detergent not solvents. These SafeGard rust preventing transit coatings, which are available for direct purchase here, contain no VOC’s per new federal EPA Clean Air Act guidelines.

The History of SafeGard Rust Preventative Transit Coatings

How long has this water based rust preventive transit coating been preventing corrosion? For over 50 years, SafeGard has been used for rust proofing metal surfaces including transportation coatings. This corrosion resistant transit coating has been used by major automotive, tractor and truck manufacturers around the world. There were many articles were written about using SafeGard for corrosion prevention when it first came out:  

article-SafeGard_1 article-SafeGard_2 article-SafeGard_3

National Safety News, September 1960 - "Fireproof Rust Proofing", Article about using SafeGard H at International Harvester. Steel March 9, 1964 - "New Protective Coating Aids Budd Automotive", Article about using SafeGard H at Budd Automotive. Metal Finishing, March 1968 - "Waterbased Protective Coating Prevent Rust and Corrosion on Replacement Auto Parts". Article about using SafeGard H at Ford Motor Parts.

Uses- SafeGard provides excellent protection on automotive body and parts, earth moving, transportation, mining, aircraft, farm and industrial machinery parts either in process, storage, or export shipment. Additional applications include:

  • Digs
  • Jigs
  • Tools
  • Fixtures
  • Bar Stock
  • Brake Drums
  • Brake Chains
  • Metal Stampings
  • Galvanized Pipe
  • Pickled Forgings
  • Sheet Metal Work
  • Automobile Stamping
  • Wheel Hub Assemblies
  • Iron and Steel Forgings
  • Semi-assembled Engines
  • Axles, transmission parts
  • Bearings and Race surfaces
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Overseas shipment and storage
  • Pumps and pumping equipment
  • Assembled units for rust proofing
  • Motor vehicle parts and accessories:
    Rings, Valves, Camshafts, Pistons
  • Protects painted surfaces

All Safegard Products Available for Direct Purchase from Sanchem

Safegard W

Safe, effective and economical rust prevention is achieved with SafeGard W. Your shipping packages will be cleaner and more presentable because this water based rust prevention coating leaves a soft translucent non-running oil coating on the metal surface upon drying. SafeGard W’s emulsification system enables it to be effectively applied over oily surfaces with good results while its active rust inhibitor system neutralizes metal corrosion normally attributed to fingerprints from parts handling. This protective coating and its fireproof, rust inhibitor system is compatible with lube oil so it does not need to be removed from internal parts before assembly.

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This OSHA friendly corrosion resistant transit coating contains no VOC’s, has a pleasant fruity odor and does not contain any toxic or harmful materials. SafeGard W metal coating dries in less than 15 minutes and leaves a translucent rust preventative coating that is 1-5- 2.0 mils thick when dry. This product has excellent corrosion performance of over 2000 hours humidity performance, over 336 hours salt spray. Even though it does not wash off with water after drying, a simple water soluble alkaline cleaner such as SafeGard 11085A will easily and completely remove it. SafeGard contains no solvent and does not need a solvent to remove it. Coverage is 650-700 feet per gallon.

In the picture below, SafeGard W fireproof rust inhibitor is being applied to a tractor as a paint topcoat to stop rust that often occurs on overseas shipment. The second picture shows what the protective coating looks like after application and curing.


Safegard H

SafeGard H dries to a translucent light brown dry to the touch wax coating. This firm corrosion resistant coating will not transfer, abrade or run under normal handling. The floor of your packaging area, storage bins or packages sent to your customers will not be oil stained and messy. SafeGard's active corrosion inhibitor system neutralizes metal corrosion normally attributed to fingerprints from parts handling.

This high performance corrosion resistant coating will give your parts over 2000 hours humidity performance and over 336 hours protection in the standard ASTM B-117 salt spray performance cabinet. SafeGard H meets the performance requirements of specification MIL-C-16173D grade II.

SafeGard H is rust proofing for long-term indoor or medium term outdoor storage. SafeGard H coverage is 650-700 sq ft/gallon @ 1.5 mils thickness.

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Safegard CS

SafeGard CS is water based fireproof rust inhibitor acrylic coating designed to prevent rust to metal parts due to high humidity. This water based corrosion prevention product contains consists of non-toxic organic inhibitors formulated with water-based acrylic polymer, has no VOC’s and dries to a thin clear hard tack-free film that is extremely durable. SafeGard CS can be easily applied by dip coating, spray or brush. Clear barrier coating prevent rust all types of steel and aluminum for up to 5 years. Drying time is normally 10 to 15 minutes at room temperature. This anti rust transit coating may be color coded for identification purposes.

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Safegard Peelcoat

Preventing corrosion with an anti rust barrier coating that easily peels off without the need for alkaline cleaners, harsh solvent removers or paint strippers called SafeGard Peelcoat. To stop rust all you have to do is prevent moisture and oxygen from reaching the metal surface. Thef fireproof rust inhibitor system used in this water based transit coating will give you excellent corrosion resistance from moisture, salt spray and other corrosive environments.

SafeGard Peelcoat dries to a flexible firm coating that will not abrade under normal handling and packaging conditions. If used for as your final shipping coating the boxes will not get that undesirable oil stained look that is often seen from oil based anti rust prevention product. This rust preventive coating will not re-emulsify once drying period has taken place. The coating should be used only when you desire a rust preventive peelable coating for indoor storage or shipping. Peelcoat contains no solvents or VOC’s, it is non-toxic, non-flammable, non-hazardous to the environment.

SafeGard Peelcoat is a ready to use and dries to the touch in 2 to 4 hours and forms a solid film within 24 hours providing physical and mechanical protection to the surface underneath. The film maintains its strength and flexibility in high or low temperatures and tolerates sudden temperature changes with getting brittle. Peelcoat will not leave any residue or otherwise contaminate the surface, so no cleaning is needed prior to processing. Apply with a sprayer, brush or roller. Peelcoat covers 250 sq. ft. per gallon leaving a 3 mil dry film. The standard product is clear but white and other colors are available upon request.

SafeGard Peelcoat rust prevention product may be applied by dip, airless sprayer, brush or roller. Dry time will depend upon thickness, humidity and drying temperature. Corrosion protection and removal is a snap with SafeGard Peelcoat.

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Safegard G-39

SafeGard G-39 is a water based Petroleum-free rust preventive transit coating made from all renewable raw materials. This product does not contain any VOC's but will give you the performance of toxic and hazardous solvent based rust preventives. If desired, this rust preventive can be removed with an alkaline cleaner such as SafeGard 11085A.

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