Aluminum Conversion Coatings

Order Conversion Coatings for Aluminum Directly from Sanchem

All of Sanchem's chromate-free paint pretreatments and aluminum conversion coatings products are easy to use and cost effective. All SafeGard CC products are chromium and chromate-free and are environmentally safe. Sanchem Inc. is the metal finishing industry's solutions provider for proprietary chromate-free aluminum pretreatment chemicals, water based rust preventives and rust preventive coatings.

Why are the right chemical conversion coatings critical to your success? Even though the cost per square foot of a chemical conversion coating is low when compared to the cost of paints and powder coatings, if you pick a poor quality pretreatment system you will be paying the price for years. What is the cost of your reworked jobs, recalls, or the jobs you will not get because of a low performing total coating system?  No one ever lost a job because of producing a higher quality product at a lower total cost. Our goal is to MAKE YOU MORE MONEY by optimizing your production processes from start to finish. We have the aluminum conversion coatings to fit your needs.


Our unique high performance chrome-free pre treatment for aluminum alloys, which is an alternative to Irridite or Alodine, can give you both a clear and golden color from the same tank.  Sanchem's environmentally benign chemical conversion coatings replace hexavalent chromate coatings without sacrificing corrosion resistance and other performance characteristics.  

Sanchem’s offers many chrome-free pre-treatment for aluminum alloys including:

All SafeGard Chromate Free aluminum conversion coating treatments are easy to use, require only simple QC and are environmentally safe.

We normally help to optimize the performance by careful selection of the cleaners and deoxidizer.  The choices of chemical conversion coatings are based upon the soils that are on parts before application. So call us today and let us help you set up the perfect chromate-free conversion coating system.

Appliance is coated with SafeGard CC 5000

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