SafeGard CC-3400: Conversion Coating for Aluminum, Zinc & Magnesium

SafeGard CC-3400 is a chromate-free conversion coating for aluminum, zinc & magnesium that is usually applied on a dip or spray line. SafeGard CC-3400 is a hot applied product, which means its temperature ranges from 135-140 degrees Farenheight. This conversion coating for aluminum, zinc, & magnesium has excellent high-temperature stability and does not mud crack. This non-sludging product can be effectively applied by spray or dip using most standard application equipment with little or no modification. 

Additional Features of SafeGard CC-3400 Include:

  • meets ASTM Standard B-1921-02
  • multi-metal product
  • simple disposal
  • excellent corrosion resistance
  • no aging or curing required before applying it to topcoat
  • RoHS compliant
  • Economical

Click here to view data sheet for Safegard CC-3400 Chemical Conversion Coating for Aluminum.

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