Water Tanks Corrosion Protection

Easy to use NO-OX-ID rust preventive coatings have been preventing corrosion in metal tanks for over 100 years. Preventing rust and corrosion does not require an expensive complex multi-coating system that can only be applied correctly by an expert under ideal laboratory conditions. NO-OX-ID’s are complex corrosion control products that are simple to use in real-life conditions by even novice applicators.

NO-OX-ID A-Special WW is NSF-61 approved for drinking water and is completely insoluble in water; therefore it imparts no taste, odor or color to water. NO-OX-ID is the high performance, safe, reliable & low price/coat alternative to high priced paints.

Why use NO-OX-ID over standard paint coatings?

  • Surface preparation: With NO-OX-ID you only need to prepare the surface using a power wire brush or scrapers to remove loose paint or rust. Whereas most paint requires an SSP#10 commercial sandblast. This saves you time & money!
  • NO-OX-ID is a one coat rust preventive system. The standard coating thickness in a tank is 20-30 mils, but you can apply thicker if higher corrosion performance is desired. This product saves you money & a minimum out of service time.
  • Minimum downtime:  Tanks can be put back in service 24 hours after coating with Sanchem NO-OX-ID “A Special WW”. Whereas, epoxies and vinyl might take as long as 7 to 10 days to cure before water can be put back into the tank.
  • Ease of application: NO-OX-ID can be applied by brush, roller or airless spray equipment.

NO-OX-ID A-Special WW is NSF-61 approved for drinking water because NO-OX-ID imparts no taste, odor or color to water.

NO-OX-ID is used to fix failing paint coating applications: When a paint coating system in a tank gets a crack the paint company always recommends a costly complete tank recoat, are there any options? Yes, many companies who have that problem decided just do a low-cost touch-up the bad areas with NO-OX-ID. They just power brush the areas needed to be repainted and apply NO-OX-ID.

NO-OX-ID protects metal surfaces

NO-OX-ID coatings are self-healing and leave a non-drying, plastic-like film that will not crack, chip or peel.

This NSF-61 approved steel rust inhibitor imparts no taste or odor to the water supply. For water storage tanks, we recommend a coating thickness of 20-30 mils. Contractors who apply NO-OX-ID rust preventative coating usually give a 3-5 year unconditional performance guarantee. How can they do this? They have over 60 years of firsthand experience using NO-OX-ID's and this performance record means there is no risk!

NO-OX-ID safe for water

For over 60 years, these products have been used by utilities to prevent corrosion of buried pipes, valves, potable water storage tanks and as a lubricant inside of water filtration plants.


  PWL 600 A-Special A-Special WW
NSF Standard 61 Certified YES YES YES
Humidity Cabinet ASTM D-2247 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years
@ 20mils      
Salt Spray ASTMB-117 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years
@ 20mils      
Oil Separation @ 100°F 0% 0% 0%
FMTS 791B Method 321.2      
Number of Coats 1 1 1
Economical YES YES YES

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