Water & Wastewater Filtration Protection

Water and wastewater treatment facilities can be challenging environments as the clarifying and filtering processes are harsh on steel and concrete. In wastewater treatment facilities, it is imperative that coatings must be resistant to a variety of corrosive chemicals to prevent corrosion.

Sanchem has provided rust preventing solutions for the water and wastewater market protecting metal equipment and concrete from degradation in water filtration and wastewater plants for over 100 years. We provide water filtration protection products to match your needs from the collection systems and clarifiers, to secondary containment structures.

Prevents Rust in Water & Waste Water

Prevent Lime Build-up- NO-OX-ID provides metal coating protection that has been used in maintenance water clarification system expansion joints and in the concrete basins next to lime slackers to prevent concrete erosion. The flexible undersurface allows for chemical rust inhibitors to remain in close contact with irregular surfaces and naturally expanding and contracting metal surfaces. These water utilities also used NO-OX-ID on their chains, pulleys, and other metal surfaces in and around these setting tanks.

Prevent Biological Attack: NO-OX-ID Rust Preventative marine coating stops the biological attack of algae, zebra mussels, and other sea urchins to metal, plastic, and concrete structures in water. NO-OX-ID's non-drying flexible attributes discourage stable anchoring necessary for biological attachment.

NO-OX-ID A-Special WW is NSF-61 approved for drinking water and is completely insoluble in water; therefore it imparts no taste, odor or color to water. NO-OX-ID is the high performance, safe, reliable & low price/coat alternative to high priced paints.

Why use NO-OX-ID over standard paint coatings?

  • Surface preparation: With NO-OXID you only need to prepare the surface using a power wire brush or scrapers to remove loose paint or rust. Whereas most paint requires an SSP#10 commercial sandblast. This saves you time & money!
  • Ease of application: NO-OX-ID can be applied by brush, roller or airless spray equipment. (link to video here)
  • In just one coat of 20-30 mils, NO-OX-ID rust preventives will stop corrosion from water, acid, alkali and salt solutions.  The single scaffolding coating operation and minimal surface preparation saves you money and requires minimal out of service time. Fast & Easy!
  • Minimum downtime: Tanks are usually put back in service 24 hours after coating with Sanchem’s NO-OX-ID. In emergencies, water can be put into the tank immediately after application and not harm the coating.

NOTE: NO-OX-ID is often used to fix failing paint coating applications: When a paint coating system in a tank gets a crack the paint company always recommends a costly complete tank recoat, are there any options? Yes, many companies who have that problem decided just do a low-cost touch-up of the bad areas with NO-OX-ID. They just power brush the areas needed to be repainted and apply NO-OX-ID. Problem solved!

NO-OX-ID coatings are self-healing and leave a non-drying, plastic-like film that will not crack, chip or peel as paints do.

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