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NO-OX-ID "E" -  Viscous solvent free barrier coating that uses a unique corrosion inhibitor system to prevent rust and lubricate metal connections. This anti-rust protective barrier coating is used to prevent rust and corrosion from forming on the inside of paint drying ovens which run at temperature up to 350 F. This oil barrier coating is also recommended for bar stock, as a chain and cable lubricant, dies, gears pump parts, rigging or where ever corrosion resistance and lubrication is desired. This product will block rust and is an excellent marine protective coating and marine lubricants.

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NO-OX-ID NG is an RoHS compliant heavy duty rust preventive and lubricant barrier coating specifically designed to neutralize acid contaminants and provide barrier corrosion protection in extremely corrosive environments.  NO-OX-ID NG incorporates a proprietary dual cathodic/anodic inhibitor system that forms a stronger bond to iron and steel than water.  The polar agents preferably "wet out" metal surfaces displacing any residual moisture from the metal surfaces which results in superior corrosion performance.

NO-OX-ID "500" is a low odor solvent based rust preventative that leaves a brown, firm, highly corrosion resistant wax coating that melts at over 300 F.  This product is used to protect finished and semi-finished metal parts and metal stock of all types. Protection is afforded for interplant domestic shipment or export shipment. Export shipment of parts should be boxed so that direct weather exposure is avoided. A cured film of NO-OX-ID 500 is dry to the touch. It can be abraded by hard object, but resists conventional handling by hands or gloves.  Under average indoor storage conditions, protection is indefinite. Open outdoor exposure in excess of 10 years is expected for this corrosion resistant wax barrier coating.

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Coils of cable tendons protected with NO-OX-ID 500

NO-OX-ID "490" - This corrosion preventative protects precision bearings from rust metal, steel corrosion or staining. Imparts a long lasting, soft, almost colorless transparent and thin film compatible with mineral oil.

NO-OX-ID products have no expiration date because they will not breakdown the way standard copper, clay, lithium soap and other oil base greases do. The effective chemical inhibitor system used in NO-OX-ID would destroy these jelled oil greases. So if your lubricant has an expiration date you did not use NO-OX-ID.

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