Casing Fillers for Corrosion Prevention

NO-OX-ID CF-10 casing filler is a solventless thixotropic oil-wax -based corrosion preventives for use in pipeline casings. This soft gel rust preventive protects annular void spaces between pipelines and their casings and other tubular structures from rust and corrosion. Sanchem’s vapor-phase corrosion inhibiting technology is easy to use a single component product.  

Before agitation, NO-OX-ID CF-10 has a very soft, gel-like consistency. But upon agitation will become sufficiently fluid so that it will flow readily.  But upon agitation will become sufficiently fluid so that it will flow readily. Just mix and pump into structural void space. Once pumping stops, this product turns back into a gel that fills and protects the casing from corrosion.

With little or no surface preparation required, the filler migrates under disbonded coatings to protect inaccessible and recessed surfaces. The product is compatible with cathodic protection, and it can be removed by washing off the metal surface. The filler is non-toxic, non-flammable, and nitrite and phosphate-free. This method of protection is rapidly becoming a preferred strategy for protecting the many pipeline casings in existence.

NO-OX-ID CF-10 is shipped directly to the job site in 55-gallon drums and pumped (at temperatures above 55°F) by air-driven mastic pump directly into the casing through one casing vent until it flows from the opposite vent. NO-OX-ID CF-10 can be heated and pumped as a thinner liquid if desired. A 10:1 ratio mastic pump with a follower plate is recommended. (Word- CF-10)

Additional Casing Fillers Available:

NO-OX-ID CM Casing Filler - Sanchem’s CM Casing Filler is a low melt point, hot-installed petrolatum compound that sets up relatively firm at ground temperatures commonly found in normal pipeline operations. It has good “wetting” and adhesion characteristics and prevents possible corrosion of pipe in casings. (Word: CM Casing Filler)

HydroSafe -Casing Filler E-800 – For use in elevator casings.  (Use Link)

NO-OX-ID PWL-600 Casing Filler – The product is approved under NSF-standard 61 for direct contact with potable drinking water.  (Word: PWL-600)

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NO-OX-ID CM Casing Filler Technical Specifications

NO-OX-ID CF-10 Technical Specifications

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