Wire Rope Rust Prevention

What Are Wire Ropes?

Wire ropes are used for many machines and structures, such as cranes, elevators, drilling rigs, suspension bridges, and more. These wire ropes involve wire strands that are wound around a central core continuously and typically made with steel wires while the core can be made of steel, rope or even plastics. When coated with a wear-resistant and corrosion preventive lubricant, the life of the wire rope is extended and provides greater user benefits.

Particulars for Wire Rope

NO-OX-ID E-HB is a lubricating wire rope rust prevention product used in heavy-duty marine applications and the general industry. It is also an excellent preservative for parts in storage or during shipment. For long term protection, NO-OX-ID EHB is a permanently soft gel rust preventive coating for all metals which conforms to MIL-PRF-18458 C. This formally lanolin-based product is recommended for the general maintenance of wire rope. This rust preventive is used to protect: 

Wire ropes Augers
Chains Drills
Hoists Valves
Winches Linkages
Turnbuckles Scales
Conveyors Joints

The high tackiness of NO-OX-ID EHB minimizes throw-off on higher speed running rigging and provides higher resistance to water abrasion and washout when used in tidal areas. Extreme pressure properties provide excellent lubrication for both wire rope and open gear applications.

Wire Rope Application Methods

NO-OX-ID EHB Wire Rope Lubricant may be applied using a leather or lamb's wool glove. When a considerable length of wire is to be coated, it may be advantageous to apply as follows: Form a cone of leather, about two feet long and six inches in diameter at the base. Both base and apex are left open with the wire rope passing through the apex.

The apex is tightly lashed around the wire with the marlin for about six inches. NO-OX-ID EHB is applied to the wire with a rag, and then the leather cone is dragged along the wire (or vice versa) so that the excess is scraped off into the cone, the remainder is well worked into the rope crevices. The amount of material left on the wire can be regulated by adjusting the marlin lashing. Too heavy an application not only wastes material but also can result in throw-off, particularly in running cable.

If conditions dictate a heavier or lighter coating or lubricant, refer to other NO-OX-ID products. 

NO-OX-ID works best where other products don’t work well or won’t work at all. Use in any environment where rust and corrosion are problematic:

  • Salt mines and marine (salt spray)
  • High humidity (bayou, freshwater river, and lakes)
  • Acid fumes (steel mills, fertilizer manufacturing)
  • Highly alkaline solutions in chemical manufacturing plants

NO-OX-ID products have been protecting metal in the highly corrosive marine environment of ships for over 100 years! 

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