Electroless Nickel Strike Bath

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Available for direct purchse, “SafeGard© EN-AL” is an easy to use electroless nickel strike bath for use on wrought aluminum, aluminum castings for both pure aluminum and high copper alloys. The SafeGard EN-AL formula is designed to work specifically with our SafeGard EN-ALPC Aluminum Plating Catalyze.  Contact us today for more information.



  • Exceptional bath stability
  • Long bath life will give you 10 – 12 metal turnover
  • Consistent plating rates
  • RoHS, WEEE and ELV compliant
  • No break in Period
  • Solution is self-pH regulating and as a result requires very little if any pH adjustment.
  • Only one product (SafeGard EN-ALMU) is added to water for make-up
  • Only one product (SafeGard EN-ALAD is added to tank to replenish bath strength
  • High Tolerance to impurities
  • If the use of copper is desired, do not use alkaline copper cyanide strike use acid copper plating.
  • The SafeGard EN electroless nickel processes are all completely cyanide-free

SafeGard CC- EN – the simple way to great EN results


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