Safegard CC 4000 Seal Coating

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Available directly from Sanchem, SAFEGARD© CC 4000 is used as a final seal in the SAFEGARD© CC conductive conversion process when maximum corrosion resistance is required, as in the case of unpainted aluminum or zinc and galvanized surfaces.  SAFEGARD© CC 4000 top coat sealant coating contains no chromate, fluoride, cyanide, or other difficult to dispose of materials. 


1. Use SAFEGARD© CC Coating first in the conductive conversion process.

2. Seal the surface with Safegard CC 4000 Top Coat Sealant.

SafeGardCC-3000SafeGard CC-4000 seal applied over SafeGard CC-3000 oxide coating

galvanized-tubeGalvanized tube treated first with SafeGard CC-3400 then sealed SafeGard CC-4000

zinc-fastenersSafeGard CC-3400/4CC-4000 is excellent chromate replacement for barrel plated zinc fasteners

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