Electrically Conductive Conversion Coating

Electrically Conductive Conversion Coating for Zinc, Aluminum and Magnesium

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You can get both the golden color you remember and clear with SafeGard CC 3400, a chromium-free electrically conductive conversion coating available for direct purchase from Sanchem. Not only is SafeGard CC-3400 is electrically conductive, it enhances paint adhesion, and prevents corrosion due to humidity and salt spray. SafeGard CC-3400 is a multi-metal product, it can be used on aluminum, magnesium and zinc. SafeGard CC is approved by many European electronics firms as the preferred treatment for finishing aluminum surfaces and getting the golden chromate color without using chromate, to meet RoHS requirements.


Why you should use SafeGard CC-3400 on aluminum, zinc plating, zinc die cast & galvanized metal:

  • Salt Spray ASTM B-117: Over 300 hours on aluminum, zinc plating, galvanized steel and over 300 hours zinc castings.  
  • Easy to use and monitor
  • Conductive
  • Excellent paint pretreatment
  • Electrically conductive 
  • Excellent corrosion resistance: humidity, salt spray and UV Stable
  • Paint adhesion: Passes both wet tape & dry tape tests. (Qualicoat Approved)
  • Easy to use and maintain, no sludge will builds up in tank.
  • Perfect for high temperature applications –doesn’t breakdown when heated.
  • RoHS Compliant - SafeGard CC is completely chromium free.
  • Economical – one gallon of SafeGard CC concentrate can treat 10,000 ft2 of aluminum!
  • Heating will not affect chromate-free SafeGard CC conversion coating.  This is due to the fact that SafeGard CC reacts to the aluminum and zinc surfaces at the molecular level it is not a surface coating. It is a true electrically conductive conversion coating.
  • The Boeing Company St Louis, MO: – Passed all test requirements. Sanchem’s SafeGard CC-6100 with SafeGard CC-3400seal#2.  The panels were subjected to salt spray testing (ASTM B-117) per Mil-C-5541 corrosion requirements, Dry & Wet Tape Adhesion Testing   per P.S. 21313 and then Contact Electrical Resistance Tested.

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Electrical Resistance values for 2024 -T3
wrought aluminum alloy with various pretreatment chemical


(200 psi values in micro ohms/square inch)

SafeGard CC-3400 (gold or clear)


Clear chromate conversion coating


Upper limit per Mil-C-5541

12,000 max.

Chromium Trivalent


  • SafeGard CC chemical conversion coating has been tested following the performance requirements for Mil-C-5541 by Boeing in St Louis, Missouri. Their conclusion was that this aluminum surface treatment passes both the corrosion and electrical conductivity requirements for Mil-C-5541.

Sanchem’s SafeGard®  SafeGard CC-8400 is a RoHS compliant chromate-free electrically conductive conversion coatings that leave a clear or gold protective surface treatment on aluminum, zinc, zinc plated or galvanized steel.  You can use this corrosion resistant metal pretreatment to have excellent adhesion with paints, powder coatings and adhesives. Sanchem’s metal pretreatments can be cold applied, hot applied, heat curable or electrolytic applied conversion coatings. 

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